Preschool Ministries

Here at Blackhawk Ministries, we consider it a privilege to partner with parents to connect kids to Christ. We have carefully and prayerfully selected a curriculum that exposes kids to the truth about God in a way that is fun, age-appropriate and Biblically sound.

Our 9:00 Connecting Service follows a traditional Sunday School format. We have wonderful, dedicated volunteers who will teach your children from the Bible using engaging object lessons. Every story has accompanying crafts and activities to reinforce the lesson and help kids apply it to their own lives.

The 10:30 Gathering Service follows the same story line as the first service and introduces the kids to a corporate worship experience. Various Teachers lead worship and tell the day’s lesson in a fun, interactive way.  The curriculum we use in kid’s church is specifically written for preschoolers.

Class List

  • Flamingos (date of birth 8/13-3/14)
    Room 202
  • Hippos (date of birth 2/13-7/13)
    Room 156
  • Zebras (date of birth 8/12-1/13)
    Room 156
  • Rhinos (date of birth 2/12-7/12)
    Room 156
  • Giraffes (date of birth 8/11-1/12)
    Room 156
  • Lions (date of birth 8/10-7/11 – kindergarten)
    Room 158

Building Map